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    2016 08 02 Reznik 1It is impossible to imagine modern life without the use of such a strong and affordable method for joining, such as welding. Due to the world-famous Paton Institute of Electric Welding of Ukraine in this area is at the forefront in the world.

    It was the first time in Ukraine developed and applied electrically conductive butt welding machines, automatic welding machines. The best in the world and considered as Ukrainian welders.

    Written on Tuesday, 02 August 2016 17:48


«Agroremmash» is the first company inventor and developer of disk tillage aggregates in Ukraine. Since 1998 we have been working in the domestic market of agricultural machinery. Our company has 18 patents on inventions, in accordance to which our company produces and offers you a wide range of disk tillage aggregates with different operating widths for different power class tractors. The agricultural machinery we produce has passed the state tests in Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Tests and Futures Studies n.a. L. Pogorely and according to the results it has a number of advantages over the similar products that are performed on the today’s market of agricultural machinery.

Every year the company expands the variety of spare parts production and provides repair parts and units for agricultural machinery.

Our company guarantees the high quality of equipment and service.


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